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Appointment of EIS Consultant for Preparation of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Report, carrying out CRZ mapping and Obtaining Clearance from CZMA/MoEF/ SEIAA and other concerned statutory bodies for NIRDESH Infrastructure at Chaliyam, Calicut, Kerala.

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22.11.2013 08.01.2014, 14.30 Hrs. Revised Closing Date & Time: 29.01.2014 at 1430 hrs. Nil Rs. 60,000/-


Note: For Information ONLY. This is a ‘LIMITED TENDER’ issued to firms already approved by MDL. Interested bidders, other than those approved, may register with MDL for future requirement(s).

Appointment of Consultant for Preparation of a Comprehensive Master Plan for the entire site and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for development of Phase-1 Infrastructure of NIRDESH at Chaliyum, Calicut, Kerala.


10.05.2013 19.06.2013, 14.30 Hrs Nil Rs. 60,000/-

Updated on 13-01-2014